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Today's students and employees need more than a textbook or scanned document to learn complex or technical concepts. With over 15 years developing interactive and immersive tools for training, Immersive Interactive develops software that speeds the knowledge transfer process. Effectively, efficiently, and on your time at your location; that is the Immersive Interactive way.



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The staff at immersive Interactive has been developing interactive and immersive training tools, laboratories, simulations, and other software and hardware for over 15 years. With a focus on the Energy Industry, the staff has a history of creating tools that help train on difficult, abstract, and technical concepts. They have also pioneered online training and the deployment on online and hybrid laboratories. Along with training comes the ability to innovate in new and emerging areas. The staff at Immersive Interactive has also developed industrial and home automation software, smart grid software, and field devices for personnel.

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